JAS-ANZ: www.jas-anz.com.au

Acquire the JAS-ANZ certification and watch your business reputation grow positively.
Established via a Treaty between the Governments of Australia and New Zealand on 30 October 1991, JAS-ANZ acts as the joint accreditation body for Australia and New Zealand for certification of management systems, products and personnel. JAS-ANZ is a non profit, self-funding international organisation and offers a list of Accredited Bodies. Sustainable Certification™ offers one of the industry’s most competitive rates and best value for certification services.

RABQSA: www.rabqsa.com

Gain the recognition that comes with receiving the internationally accredited RABQSA Certification that recognizes the competence of your personnel. Preparing for this certification will enhance the performance within your organisation pertaining to efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness. The RABQSA certification has stringent requirements and acquiring this accreditation offers proven competency in your team, giving clients and customers the confidence to work with you.

IAF: www.iaf.nu

Standardisation through conformity enables clients and customers to be confident in the capabilities of organisations. One of the most well known international accreditation programs for assessing this conformity is administered through the IAF, a global association that unites accreditation bodies and related organisations. By developing this standard for conformity, IAF also reduces risks associated with business conduct and performance and through global accreditation administered impartially, competency is assured.

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